via / March 27, 2014 / Tokyo Electric Power Co. underestimated internal radiation exposure of 142 workers involved in immediate emergency operations at the damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in March 2011, according to Japan’s Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.

After reexamining exposure records provided by TEPCO, the Ministry said Tuesday it had increased the 142 workers’ radiation data by an average of 5.86 millisieverts, The Asahi Shimbun reported.

The Ministry said one male employee was exposed to 180 millisieverts. He was initially reported to have been exposed to around 90 millisieverts.

Two other workers were exposed to radiation of 50 to less than 100 millisieverts, the Ministry found.

According to the International Commission on Radiological Protection a person should be exposed to no more than one millisievert per year from all sources of radiation, though it says only doses of more than 100 millisieverts are associated with a higher risk of cancer.

The 142 workers – 24 who worked for TEPCO and 118 who worked for 18 different contractors – were part of the 7,500 emergency workers and first responders that were sent to manage containment operations at the Fukushima plant.

TEPCO did not have whole-body radiation counters immediately after the crisis began, thus accurate radiation measurements by the utility were difficult to attain, as the Ministry has shown.

The Ministry urged TEPCO on Tuesday to now assess exposure with the new recordings in mind.

Last July, the Ministry reviewed exposure data on around 1,300 workers and revealed that reported exposure levels of 452 workers were too low. After that announcement, the Ministry followed up on records of the remaining 6,200 workers, which led to Tuesday’s disclosure.

SOURCE: Russia Today

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  1. We desperately need the whole world involved in this. Japan should not be alone in something that affects us all. Set aside dominating each other for a while and put our focus on the real nuclear threat. What happened to that, world leaders?

    • @Brian; +311!!!, They knew from the onset how bad it was and they also knew the day their findings that they don’t disclose or “recalculate later” had confirmed that they’d passed the “point of no return”-when no effort or technology could even come close to avoiding or even mitigating the impacts this event would have on the entire planet! Whether greed,pride,incompetence or a combination led to decisions or indecision when their might’ve been a chance to put the Herculean international effort necessary to have had a chance to tried any of the known or proposed methods & technology BEFORE every living thing on Earth had it’s cells rearranged & DNA mutated into whatever unnaturally-evolved creature they(including humans!)will become?!!(assuming something adapts & survives?) There’s absolutely NOTHING left about the fatally-flawed,failed & untamed,deadly-toxic nuclear industry & “Atomic Age” that could justify allowing it to continue to exist except to hold them accountable for EVERY ounce of harm they’ve done & force them to shift their efforts to shutting down the entire works & remediation of every region of the world that has been impacted! That’d be guaranteed to keep them busy for centuries including developing some truly safe,practical solution to the mountains of nuclear waste they’ve created to deal with! Take Care! Good Luck to you all!We’re gonna need it along with a Miracle from the Big Guy “Upstairs” since science
      ‘s failure to date to “fix” the issues they’ve created!! 🙁

    • Brian, the sad truth is….there is no answer to this puzzle. They don’t call it a disaster for nothing. There’s no containing this stuff. It stays poison for so long you can’t get near it. We are all screwed, basically. It’s in the foodchain now. Putting radioactive dirt in plastic bags….that’s what they’re doing to “clean up”. They have huge tanks of radioactive water leaking into the ocean, into the water table, all over the place. Say we forget all that for now. They’ve got 3 nuclear reactors that are STILL spewing poisonous shit in the air…all day everyday. You have to admire the Russians. They went in and covered the melted down reactor with cement at Chernobyl. It was a dirty job, very dangerous, but they did SOMETHING at least.

    • the whole world needs to be involved in this! fuck tepco and fuck japanese government and media.the whole world needs to do whatever it takes! love lefuj

  2. Each and every nuclear power plant is a danger and just like a nuclear bomb in your neighborhood because of the problem of spent fuel. Don’t build more of these death traps for humanity-don’t launch nuclear reactors into space either, don’t allow them in submarines. We don’t need them and we should not have to pay for that crap ANY MORE. We “need” things like the Pacific Ocean and clean air and water. We do not “need” war and nuclear weapons or even nuclear power–it is too dangerous and it prevents democracy because of the security needs of nuclear technologies.

  3. It appears TEPCO is sending the remaining living local residents back to their death by telling them it is safe to return to their homes. Every worker will suffer permanent effects from their employment at Fukushima. has the measurements on the radiation in the local area. If these people return to the area they are hopelessly stupid. TEPCO lies like Obama, virtually everything they say is a lie and a cover-up. When this catastrophic event occurred the Swiss proved a massive cloud of Cesium 137 came across the Pacific and irradiated almost the entire US yet our government said nothing. Not even an “avoid the outside” for a few weeks. It’s obvious the eugenics have started in Japan, have they also started here?
    I have two questions for those with greater knowledge than I possess. Fukushima is a valley filled with alluvial sediments. Where this valley and the sediments meet the ocean the six reactors were located. Presently the three cores have burned through the containment vessels and their location is unknown. It is assumed they are below the containment vessels heading to the center of the earth. It is known that the ground water passing through the alluvial sediments is becoming highly radioactive as it migrates to the ocean. So the plan is to create an ice dam to stop the radioactive water from going into the sea. Logically when they do that the underground water table will rise until the surface is underwater further hampering the impossible clean-up. What will they do with the water? Secondly after working at various placer gold mines virtually every alluvial deposit goes to bedrock. There is some point below the reactors where the cores are headed that will be the bottom of a “V” in the bedrock valley where the cores most likely will become a single massive core. Has anyone calculated what happens when these three cores become one massive core?

    • Yup. Nothing happens.

      Reactor fuel needs to be moderated in order to sustain a chain reaction. A solid mass of reactor fuel (no matter how large) can’t sustain a chain reaction.

  4. Scientists and engineers have known for many decades that the principle of fuel rods in a water filled reactor to build steam is asking for trouble. Already in 1960 Alfred Weinberg advised to use Thorium dissolved in lithium fluoride (see Thorium LFTR on internet) in such a way that there never would be a surplus of radioactive material in the reactor. The amount of fissile material always would be dosed to the reactor and not (as now) all the fuel in the reactor. And on top of that: not in a water environment such that all radioactive material would end up with a large explosion in the atmosphere during a mishap . The US Defense and politics decided otherwise and they have made terrible mistakes for which they are to be held responsible.
    Fukushima has shown that the working principle of the water filled reactors can not be made 100 % safe. And 99.99x % safe is still not acceptable when the damage in case of failure is infinite. Japan has learnt the hard way and also learnt that “bookkeepers” should not be at the top of an organisation. in particular not in an organisation with nuclear reactors ….
    My conclusion: mankind is not ready to use nuclear processes. And the main reasons are not technical, but organisational, ethical and mental shortcomings.

  5. The power company TEPCO and the Japanese government have been lying about the actual amounts of radiation from the beginning of the disaster that they allowed to happen and they have been tying to this very day! You cannot ever trust anything they put out to the media for the people. When a zeolite based internet company offered both TEPCO and the Japanese Government a 100 percent FREE full shipping container load of the medical grade radiation detox mineral called zeolite that could have safely removed radiation from thousands of peoples bodies. They refused the free zeolite.

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